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Consultant complaint

Lorraine Jessica sold me two rings that I never got tracking on or received. After three weeks I had to fight for refunds and it was not easy. She is selling both reveal and RBP. Bad news!

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I ordered 3 rings from a consultant 6 days ago and haven't received tracking or shipping info!! It was almost 54 dollars and I want my stuff!!! Her name is Christy Clark and her page is RingBombLady.. I have messaged multiple times to get the info on shipping and she answered once and said she was gonna ship Thursday which was yesterday and still nothing and not answering me.. Can you please do something about this matter?? All I got was my receipt for my purchase..
Please help me.. If she isn't gonna send my rings then I need a refund ASAP!!! Below is the only email I have gotten and no shipping confirmation at all.. Please help me get this matter resolved! Thanks
I brought 2 rings from this Lady, she give me tracking info. It’s was suppose to have been shipped July 15, I am still waiting. Now When I put tracking number in and it’s been giving me another suspended. At this point I wanting my money back
I want my money back also! It was almost 60 dollars that I don't have to waste or just give some scammer!! So I am filing a Dispute Claim Tomorrow..
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