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Absent Consultant.

I am writing with regard to one of your hostesses, Kattie Moore from Ring Bomb Party hosted by Joyfulheartsle.  Kattie has not responded nor fulfilled orders that were placed over one month ago.  Several of us have contacted her through messenger and posted on the page as we feared she was ill, but despite showing active on Messenger some days, she has not read or responded to any of us.  I contacted another hostess on her team who messaged her as well and has gotten no response.  One of the other purchasers even tried to contact her Mom with no response.  Other purchasers have contact RBP as well with no response. Can you please let me know the process to obtain a refund for the unfulfilled orders.  I, for one, have three orders outstanding for special collection rings that total over $200 and have waited over a month for some sort of explanation.  There are others whose orders total more than mine. The shame of it all is I really wanted the rings she revealed.  If Kattie has indeed fallen ill, prayers for her.  Thank you in advance.  ~Lori Card

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Update:  Kattie has contacted us and she has been ill.  She said she will get our orders/rings out this week but will take a few days as she is still not 100%.  So, prayers for Kattie for a speedy recovery :) 

Update:  Kattie has not responded again nor filled the orders.  Still hoping this gets resolved. 

Hostess jipped out of a $300+ ring by allowing a popular customer to take my ring bomb while i was paying and she sent me to pay i have video and conversation i would like to Dipute this display of deciet

Update:  Over two months and no rings, no refund, still waiting for RBP to respond to my ticket as they show the orders were fulfilled but were not.  SMH

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