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A hostess named Margie is acuse n my daughter of take n stones from the rings and now she had other hostesses block j her

I purchased a ring from Channels ringbomb party in December. I still have not received the ring tracking says it was delivered but I never received it when I contacted her on messenger she blocked me. Please help me to resolve this
Was scam by chanel ring bomb also she not a very nice person hope God can forgive her for all her wrong doing hope she can sleep good at night seen in her lives she cheating which all on file kept a video show where she cheat so at this point already got my money back from my bank card please dont bother wasting my time good luck on scammer people

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I'm sorry that happened to you. I just wish I could get my money back that's all I'm asking for I don't know why they continue to let her sell ring bombs if she's scamming people
If you paid with ur debit card call them up do a charge back tell them what happen they will give it too got refund ready for mind She been cheating u got her twice she online live doing it

Has anyone received resolution to their issues.    My package came damaged  and one ring was missing.  Consultant said she sent another but never received it.  I still have no response.

I also have not received my order. It should have been here two days ago. It never came. Im disputing the charges and reporting them to BBB and consumer affairs.
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