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Daughters ring turned finger green

My 13 year old daughter put her ring on this morning before school around 6:50-7 am this morning. She was dropped off at school around 7:23am and by 7:34am I was getting a text from her that it had turned her finger green. I asked her if she had showered with the ring or been wearing it for an extended period of time. She said she just put it on this morning before leaving the house. I attached a picture of the ring when it was revealed and a picture of my daughters finger. I do not have a picture of the ring after she had it on but she said that it does not look tarnished or worn in anyway.

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It is extremely rare that any of our rings will cause skin to turn green. Our plated ring styles are double plated and coated to make them even more durable and tarnish resistant for our customers. Green discoloration of the skin involves the pH and oils in your skin mixing with the metal of the band which is not 100% preventable with certain sensitive skin types. You may try coating the rings with a thin layer of clear nail polish. 

My rings also turned my finger green..I have ordered several and they all did it.
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