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Stones missing

Good afternoon. 

I have ordered plenty of ring bombs and love them. Wearing one today and noticed 2 stones are missing.  Another one of my ring bombs is missing a stone as well. How do you go about replacing the stones?

Please advise

thank you,

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First ring I purchased only wore 3 weeks the silver band turned copper! The 2nd ring bomb the stone was missing- I sent a picture how do I get a replacement?
I purchased a Mila Bella around a month ago never wore the ring until the other day and a stone is missing . Stone wasn't in baggie or the ring box

 Hello Ladies, I am sorry you are having an issue. If you have a problem with your ring please contact the hostess with whom you ordered from. Our rings do have a 14 day warranty on them. If it is with in the warranty period the hostess with whom you purchased should be able to have a replacement bomb sent to you.

I filed a ticket 8 days ago says it's being processed how long does it take
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